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Agua Fresca Syrup | Horchata Flavor

What makes this Agua Fresca stand out from the rest is a combination of different natural ingredients. Our Horchata is cold, fresh and sweet. With the perfect blend of rice flour, cinnamon, sugar and milk, so all that’s left to do is add ice and water. Our traditional Agua de Horchata is delicious.

Agua Fresca Syrup | Jamaica Flavor

Hibiscus Flower Agua Fresca. Enjoy the rich flavor of our extract blend made from Flor de Jamaica (hibiscus flower) and sugar to prepare a delicious beverage, with its intense red color, sweet flavor and acidity delivering a refreshing sensation. Just add ice and water.

Agua Fresca Syrup | Tamarind Flavor

The Tamarind fruit is found on a tropical fruit tree under its own name, with a rich semi sweet flavor that delivers a thirst quench refreshing flavor preferred in Mexican and Latin cuisines. To enjoy this delicious agua fresca just blend the tamarindo concentrate by adding ice and water.