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Base Salsa | Chile Colorado

Mexican food traditional salsa, deliciously prepared with red chilis and spices ready to serve over beef or pork, potatoes, burritos, enchiladas or some delicious chilaquiles.

Base Salsa | Chile Relleno

Chiles Rellenos are one of the most traditional and internationally renowned entrees in Mexican cuisine. Which ever choice Cheese or Picadillo, these are basted with a delicious sauce made from a tomate based sauce called (caldillo). We invite you to prepare a batch of chiles with our Chile Relleno Salsa made from our own grandmother’s récipe that is sure to…

Base Salsa | Chile Verde

A delicious tomatillo sauce made from chilis and spices that are sure to enhance traditional entrees such as Green Enchiladas, Green Chile Burritos, Green Chilaquiles, Pork Ribs in Green Salsa with (Nopales) cactus, delicious (Chicharrones) Pork Rind Stew, Beef Tongue in Green Salsa, Fish is Green Salsa among other variety of recipes. Enjoy!!!