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Salsas | Avocado Cream

Our delicious creamy avocado salsa is made with the best ingredients consisting of peak ripen avocados to ensure the best flavor and consistency. Mixed with our tomatillo, chiles and spices, this delicious salsa can be served on tacos, appetizers, as salad dressing or simply over your favorite snacks.

Salsas | Molcajete Salsas

The combination of different kinds of chiles, onions and tomatoes MARTAJADOS or TATEMADOS PERFECTLY SPICED to make this an unrivalled salsa of choice in traditional Mexican cuisine due to its exquisite flavor and texture.

Salsas | Salsa Taquera

Indispensable in our table, salsas taqueras are made of green tomatillos with optimum maturity and acidity qualities mixed with a combination of Chiles Tatemados and spices that bring that special flavor, texture and aroma to make any demanding palate fall in love.

Salsas | Super Hot Habanero

With the best selection of ripe habanero peppers and their brilliant orange color, we offer you our most spicy salsa from our distinctive line of salsas. The habanero salsa will be a great addition to your favorite entrees. Spicy but very flavorful, a must dare to try.