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Seasonal Products | Salsa Diabla

With our Salsa Diabla you will be able to prepare delicious snacks and entrees such as the finger licking spicy diabla shrimp! Or a delicious shrimp or fish ceviche. And if you like to explore and surprise your guests how about some chicken wings basted in salsa diabla (ideal for this lent season).

Seasonal Products | Salsa Veracruzana

This salsa a la veracruzana is proof of that mexican cuisine suffered miscegenation where european influences created a fusión between ingredients and techniques of prehispanic cuisine. Our delicious salsa is prepared following the traditional récipe made from (tomatoes, olives, capers, yellow chile peppers and spices) that give it that great aroma, texture and incomparable flavor. So easy to use, heat…

Seasonal Products | Shrimp Patties

Shrimp patties are a delicious dish primarily prepared over lent season. The dried shrimp flavor of the crunchy and spongy patty texture is so addictive it will keep you eating more. Traditionally, these are served with Salsa Roja and Nopales.

Seasonal Products | Shrimp Patty Sauce

Just as many recipes exist in México, our shrimp patty sauce is one of the most popular consisting of a chili base made from Guajillo, a unique shrimp flavor, finely chopped onion and its distinctive spices that give it its uncomparable flavor. Although shrimp patties in salsa roja are popular over lent season, you can order them year round. Many…